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Medical Astrology for Leo

The back and spine are vulnerable parts of the body for a Leo under stress, as is the heart, which in naturopathic philosophy is associated with the emotions of love, forgiveness, courage, strength and inclusiveness.

As Leos age, they may like to consider (even more than the other sun signs) to consider taking a gentle plant based heart tonic, to support their heart function. Body therapies such as osteopathy, chiropractic, massage, Bowen and acupuncture will all help keep their back in good alignment.

Elder Flower

Elder has been used since Egyptian times for cough and colds, persisting as a folk remedy for this very reason well into the mid 20th Century. Most of the Elder Tree can be used medicinally, including the berries, leaves and bark. Be aware that each part of this plant works on various parts of the body, treating quite different ailments, and have widely varying strengths. The flower is the mildest medicine and I tend to only use that.

Medical Astrology for Gemini

Gemini rules the nervous system, the arms, the hands and the lungs. In medical astrology these body parts are most vulnerable when a person is under load. Under pressure these areas will be the most likely to be affected and experience dis-ease. There are various herbs that can really help support the nervous system, as well as the arms, hands and lungs (which are also most likely to be affected for Geminis).


Taurus rules the neck and shoulders of the physical body, as well as the ears, nose and throat. Think again of the bull – how his shoulders and neck are where his strength are and where he pushes into the yoke as he transports enormous loads. It is also where the matador aims in the bull ring. In medical astrology the body part where we hold our greatest strength is also our most vulnerable.


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